The “list” is a distraction.

Hey you amazing Virtuous Villager you! How many of you have heard, read, or just plainly been told to write  a list of  what you want your future husband (or wife for the fellas that read this)to be? Typically when it’s shared they pair it with the scripture in Habakkuk 2:2- write the vision, make it plain… I mean it sounds like a good idea- BUT the other day Holy Spirit revealed to me that the list is a distraction and actually sets limits and in some ways can cause you to think too small. Hear me out, when we make a list its typically a laundry list of wants and what we think we want in a future spouse. Yet, God knows and is going to send who we need! In the season of waiting, it’s actually a season of preparation moreso than waiting. You wait for a bus but you prepare for a spouse. Understanding that uniting with a spouse isn’t the be all and end all of life either. So if you are living a life on hold because you’re waiting for “the one” to come it’s time to hit play and LIVE on purpose NOW!  Reality is, your waiting could be the very thing holding up manifestation, we are to be actively living on purpose intentionally.  I want to encourage you that you’re enough regardless of your marital status, that does not define you and please believe that the preparation during singleness is what gives you the wisdom, strength, and fortitude that will assist you when your marital status does change. Stop cursing your singleness and embrace it, learn something, do something, help someone, serve your community & local church, go on an adventure- LIVE! And for my fellow parents that are single, souled out, and raising a child(ren) be encouraged that you will not always be doing things alone, I know it’s a lot but know that God is a very present help and with you 24/7, 365, you are not in this alone! Help is on the way, believe it. Heal and prepare for the spouse God is preparing for you and your family. You are not forgotten, you are not unwanted, you are precious and therefore God is about to send you treasure, no more trash- YOU ARE WORTHY OF GODS VERY BEST! Believe it, receive it, walk like it.

Father God,
​Thank you for seeing us right where we are. Thank you for healing us of past hurt, trauma, and abuse. Thank you for making us over and making us whole as we willingly stay on the potters wheel. Thank you for covering us as we walk single and souled out, thank you for protecting us and girding us up as we will not compromise or lower our standards. Father have your way in us and through us. Lord wrap every single person parenting and believing for help and a spouse to journey and grow through life with, wrap them in your arms. Strengthen and  encourage them to continue to trust you and not grow weary in well doing.  Lord, open our eyes to see you, open our ears to hear you we need clarity in this loud and busy world- we desire to hear from you above all. May your voice be louder than the noise.  Lord order our thoughts, direct our steps, and may your will be done in and  through us.
​In Jesus name,


Overcoming Distractions…

Hey beautiful people!
Welcome back if you are a faithful reader! If you’re new here, HEYYYY you amazing visionary you! Thank you for stopping by!

I want to encourage you, yes YOU! Don’t you dare feed your doubt, don’t give into fear, and surely don’t entertain confusion. Yesterday, I posted on Facebook (Virtuous Visionaries) and Instagram (Ashley_Speaks_) a post that said, ” there will always be a bunch of what “if’s” but CHOOSE to focus on what is.” Let me expound,  it’s almost second nature to immediately doubt and disqualify ourselves when facing challenges or new ventures. Yet, if God is for us why do we quickly forget and cower in fear while allowing  our faith to flutter? Recently.  I found myself  partnering with doubt and hopping down a rabbit trail of distraction. I began to question everything and my thoughts became negative, I started to retreat and enter into isolation. But I had no peace, I knew it was warfare and a shift was taking place. In conversation with a friend what I posted to my social media pages rolled off my lips. Revelation came so clearly- there will always be “what if’s” because we don’t have all the answers, we don’t have all the details, we don’t have much most times- aside from a word and/or a  dream. My amazing Co Pastor, Katina Holmes delivered a timely word two weeks ago and drew the point that Joseph didn’t expect for things to pan out how they did, God showed him a dream but didn’t disclose the details of the process. Wheew! the entire message was FIRE! I encourage you on this thriving Thursday to not get entangled in the lies of the enemy and be distracted when this is the hour to focus in and move intentionally.
3 ways to move past doubt & overcome distractions:
1. Pray for discernment, wisdom, and a new perspective-
ask God to forgive you for partnering with doubt, ask for wisdom and knowledge on how to maneuver during this season.
2. Forgive yourself, extend grace- 
Forgive yourself for letting yourself down, be gentle with yourself and allow yourself permission to heal and move on.
3. Write down 5 promises of God-
Post them around your home, office, make one or the list your screen saver, intentionally declare the word of God AND believe it.

It’s time to thrive in your purpose.



Hey & happy fruitful Friday you amazing trail blazer you! I know new posts  are supposed to drop every Thursday now, but as I was typing I felt there was something else I needed to release. Obedience is everything and my plans are futile if I am  not lead by Holy Spirit. So today I want to encourage you to pray, believe, and expect bigger!  You see it’s easy to become frustrated and deflated when things don’t seem to be panning out how we intended, you know you published that book and sales are fickle, you started that business and those that said they were proud and want to support don’t even speak to you anymore, you started a new job/assignment and everything you were promised all of a sudden is not even a possibility- you get where I’m heading. We get disappointed when things don’t manifest in the way or to the magnitude we desire. I challenge you to pray, believe, and expect. 

It is imperative to  prepare the atmosphere for the manifestation of what you are believing for. If parents bring home a new baby and have NOTHING prepared or in place the likelihood of that baby growing and thriving is slim to none. Same applies to our dreams, desires, visions- we must prepare the atmosphere. If the atmosphere is not conducive to sustain the magnitude of the blessing it wont manifest at it’s highest/full capacity. Be sure to write down the prayer for what you are standing in faith for. Make it plain and declare Mark 11:24.

Believe and do not doubt is written in the book of James and it is something that must be written on your heart. You have got to get serious about your destiny and manifestation, you have to get tenacious. You have to become a mama bear in the spirit, you have to become so focused and determined that no matter what distractions try to jump in your way you quickly throw on your turn signal and adjust so you can proceed! You have to believe that what you are standing in faith for is tangible and present now- even if its nowhere in sight.  Believe & faith are two of my favorite words and they go hand and hand- to me they are co-dependent, they need one another.  The woman with the issue of blood exhausted all of her resources, she battled and ailment for 12 long years. I say she battled, a lot of people refer to her and say she suffered. But you see this woman had a fight in her that despite the circumstance she was determined to be healed, whole, and restored. She had tried every doctor and everything she knew to do and came up short and broke when it was all said and done. But when she tried Jesus, she touched the hem of his garment and was healed- she didn’t touch his body she touched his clothes- the hem of his clothes at that and was healed. It was because of her faith! She believed she could be healed and had faith that it would happen. Add belief to what your standing in faith for. Get protective, get stubborn, get confident that God hears. sees. and knows all that concerns you. He is about to blow your mind.

One of the definitions that I found for expect state that to expect means to believe that (someone or something) will arrive soon. Do not miss that definition. Read it again, okay once more, wheew! Write it down! Your expectation has to shift, it has to come up higher to accommodate manifestation. You have to be intentional not to grow weary in well doing (Galatians 6:9), declare Philippians 3:14 and  press toward the mark of the high calling that is upon your life.  When you are expecting you prepare, for what you are expecting to arrive. We are all pregnant with purpose and everything we do, every choice, every decision either propels us toward purpose or repels us from it. Your words and actions are going forth and they should be preparing the atmosphere, preparing the natural realm to receive what you are expecting to manifest. 

All Things New…

Happy thriving Thursday! I pray your day is going well. I want to share today about the shift that I sense.  The shift is God sweeping away the old and bringing in the new. If you have done your part in preparing and positioning yourself for manifestation there is no doubt that you sense the shift too.  I want you to understand that it may seem like God is taking forrrreverrrr to answer your request but know that timing is everything. Think about my girl mentioned in the gospels, the woman with the issue of blood. She suffered for TWELVE years. Not only did she suffer for twelve years with a discharge of blood, but she exhausted all of her resources, she was separated from her family- I can imagine she was lonely, tired, worried, and broke! BUT she had faith, she pressed through opposition and believed that Jesus was the cure. Job  was a man that got blindsided by indescribable suffering from so called friends turning on him, body plagued with boils, children killed, business destroyed, wife acting up- Job was going THROUGH!  Notice, Job never turned on God. If we’re honest 5 minutes after prayer we get antsy and doubtful. We can take a lesson from Job and the woman with the issue of blood who faced overwhelming pain and unbearable circumstances. I say all of this to say, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Your wait has not been overlooked or in vain, redemption is here and manifestation is your portion. Press through to your breakthrough and focus in on the truth. God is for you, you are never alone, your have no need to be anxious- YOU ARE GOOD! Things may not feel good, things may not look how you expect, things may not be how you want them but overall God is good and in control. Praise Him in advance for the manifestation of answers to your prayers.  It’s time!

I am praying for you and excited to hear your testimonies!

The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The journey…let’s talk about #SquadGoals. If your anything like me finding your squad can be a bit challenging, after all where do all these boss chicks meet and develop such an unbreakable bond of love, support, and loyalty? Ecclesiastes 4:9-11 puts it this way, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.   For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone?” It’s obvious we are to do life together in unity with others but how do we cultivate genuine relationships when a lot of people now seem to be opportunists looking for their next come up? Relationships of any kind take a lot of work, they take sacrifice, understanding, patience, love, and respect. But most of all they take commitment, commitment to walk through life alongside one another despite what comes against the relationship. We quit too easily and 9 times out of 10 difficulties come to develop our character. 

3 steps to achieving your #SquadGoals:

  1. Know who you are- That’s right, you have to be certain of who you are or you will attract those that are attracted to who you are in the moment and once that moment is up so is their time in your life. Be YOU, completely and confidently! The right people will love and accept you if you present your true self. No one is perfect, no one has it “ALL” together. We are all growing and figuring out this thing called life. Lose the presentation and be your amazing self at all times!
  2. Pray- Pray for those that are assigned to your life come forth. Prayer has power and if you aren’t praying your being preyed on. Get your spirit strong and begin to pray and fast for those that need to be removed will be and those that are needed will come. You have to be intentional and surrender your relationships to God. Pray for wisdom and discernment.
  3. Be Open- Be open to meeting new people. It’s easy to be closed off and reserved in an attempt to protect yourself from getting hurt again. Reality is, in order to manifest your #SquadGoals you have to leave your comfort zone. It’s okay, trust your discernment aka your gut and LIVE! Trust me if you are busy watching your back you will miss out on the opportunities in front of you. 3.5

3.5 (BONUS) Check the fruit- “Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33 Be mindful of what a person says and does. Their character will speak for itself, be observant not chatty! lol just watch as well as pray and all you need to know will be revealed.


Drop a photo of your #Squad or #SquadGoals in the comments!


Be encouraged, you never know when your new purpose pack will walk into your life!



The Shift & The Switch

Hey Virtuous Villagers!

I want to update you all on a few changes regarding my blog. I am transitioning from one platform to another so please bare with me in doing so. I will be bringing over previous posts so they can be in one place and space. So if you’ve missed a post, your chance to catch up is coming! Thank you for growing with me throughout this journey of figuring it out.  My passion is to effectively help you thrive in your purpose. I pray these posts new and seasoned assist you, encourage you , and propel you to thrive in your purpose.


Stay tuned…